You can't live your own truth, because your truth hurtsSo you do what's not you, because that's what worksChoosing who approves you due to what desertsyou, through the blues, but enough about me Refuse to view issues, because you're so immersedIn amusing or news, what distracts or divertsDon't diffuse what ensues, excuses pre-rehearsed,Never reaching the... Continue Reading →


The fantasist and egoistInside your head can't coexistConsistent traits of bitternessCan't be missed once you've witnessed this That twisted narcissistic shitIs mystic to the hypocriteLove to dish it but won't admitPush beyond where your wit's end sits Enlist in someone to assistWhen enterin-to the abyssDismiss this it ain't my businessResisting from the truth they twist... Continue Reading →

One For ‘They’

It's funny that a baller takes the knee and it's still problematic, And when we stop the knee can we stop the racism while we're at it? Gave Saka, Sancho and Sir Rashford all that shit coz of their blackness, Because they missed a penalty, they put their hatred into practice "The knee's not working,... Continue Reading →

Versus The People

This world bleeds,Control and power supersedesOur human needs,Replaced instead by ruthless greedWe should be free,In violence discontent will breed,And those who leadTake advantage of authority We ain't blindTo these headlines aligned with crime,Ask yourself whyThey decide to side against mankind,Skip doing timeBecause social status is high,While people dieIn Colombia and Palestine And this ain't new,These... Continue Reading →

Note To Self

When you don't stand for something you'll fall for it all, Short of walking your talk instead opting to crawl, Recalling all shitstorms and pitfalls, causing stalling Causes you to hit walls, take your eye off the ball Only playing yourself if you're playing the part, Roles of light and the dark played by your... Continue Reading →

The Nostalgic Paradox

Another collab with the very talented Ace. Great minds as they say Your laugh comes through the soft breezeYour touch through the whistle of the treesIt’s you, because together we are oneThe stars, the sand, and the sun At rest is when we are at easeLiving presently in our memories,It’s us, because together we are... Continue Reading →

But Why Digress?

Your busyness don't mean productive but that's not my business, Criticism is not constructive divest my best interests, Ignorance in ignoring good influences who invest, Even living without the wisdom given, I should digress. Suppressing necessary lessons lessen chance of success, Selecting every avenue except accepting what's best, Rejecting what's already proved and yet you... Continue Reading →

Unspoken Words Cry

So much can be said by saying nothing at allSo much power in no wordsSo much can be read when the body talksSo much value in the unheard Whispers in the darkYour echoes leave a markThe power in your toneBecomes a reality I’ve known Words act as a distractionIn each interactionImpact just a fraction,Action births... Continue Reading →

I’m Right, Alright!

It's arrogance to say what's wrong, When you yourself don't know what's right, When you're full on, both wrong and strong, Don't mean that it's your fight to fight, It's criminal to go along, At times observe while sitting tight, Happy to make judgements when blind, Even when the truth's out of sight Uncomfy truths... Continue Reading →

Was Good Until You Called

Nothing worse than when somebody Calls me in the morning, It's appalling, To call when the day is dawning, Do you think it's appropriate for me to be talking? When I haven't even brushed my teeth, Or finished yawning, So I'm ignoring, Sleep pattern needs restoring, Coz that thing called sleep, man, I'm adoring, Wanna... Continue Reading →

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