Forgotten Fridays

Friday nights, the highlight, Wrongs as wrong as rights are right Drinks been downed, trainers white End the night without a fight Music's loud, drunken crowd, A soldier down, you find your pal, Drinks knocked down, trainers grey, Continue dancing the night away Bar queues long, feels so wrong To wait 20 to down in... Continue Reading →

Egoing Against The Grain

Cheers for the photo Rolfo The more things change, the more they stay the same Choose to play it how you want, but nothing changes in the game New year, same shit, new desires fuel your flame, But if you don't protect your fire, when it dies it's you to blame Could change myself but... Continue Reading →

We Can Only Give So Much

Photo by the amazing and talented @tashachu_ Is every lesson a blessing or every blessing a lesson? If we ignore we're regressing, if we don't is it progression? We will forever be stressing if we are lacking direction? Life isn't just for reflecting, but what's life without reflection? Can lead a horse to the water,... Continue Reading →

In the Mind’s Lie

It's important to remember that the mind's a liar, It will conspire, against you adding fuel to fire, A truth denier, something like a news supplier, Where the truths rank highly, but untruths rank higher You'll never be the version of you who you admire, Who you aspire, to be unless you aquire, The intrapersonal... Continue Reading →

1 Ex Stream 2 Another

Esteemed levels to look inside yourself to raise self-esteeem You feel like happiness will happen with the right human being But we seek validation, fulfilling our needs to be seen If we don't get it we rely on getting fat, drunk or lean Problems won't ever be resolved until you reach the problem's core, Internal... Continue Reading →


No point in engaging in pointless shit on social media, With strangers using display pics to get a better read of ya, They only wanna win the war of words while disagreeing with ya, Regardless of whether they disagree or really agree with ya Nobody wants to hear you out instead want you to dance... Continue Reading →

Happy New Tier

Don't know if I'm going or coming, or if I'm coming or going, MP's are constantly showing that they're still so far from knowing, Best way to control this whole thing, shown by their constant yoyo-ing Yet all their paychecks still flowing, same time your business is closing It's yet another brand new day, where... Continue Reading →

With A Shadow Of A Doubt

When I miss an opportunity it screws with me, Going back to who I used to be, 'specially when it ain't new to me, then to repeat, The same mistakes I've made previously. My lunatic level lunacy continues to be, Something I can't shake off easily. Though I do know what to do with me... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Tiers

Surprise surprise, it's tier three again, How many more times are we gonna get locked down then? Is it three? Even six, could be eight, maybe ten, Highest rates coming from kids, schools are closing when? Every day another business has to close the door, It feels like we've ventured down this shitty road before,... Continue Reading →

Update Of The State Of The Nation

The glass is now half full, the hunger's back it's like I'm fasting, Trying to find some answers to questions that we're all asking, Corona's still a mystery, it's not just us they're masking, And still your life don't matter to some if you're wearing dark skin We're gonna get locked down again, feels like... Continue Reading →

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