Within The Outside

Nothing better than the feeling, when the energy is flowing,

No focus on what I don’t do, just focused on where I’m going,

Where am I going? I don’t know, coz if I did, then I’d have gone,

I haven’t gone, and I’m still here, I wanna go, but it’s so long,

Indecision is a bitch, got me doubting what I’ve known,

Know enough, but should know better than to fight with no opponent,

An opponent gives me someone else who I feel I can blame,

Can’t blame anyone, when both of the sides fighting are the same,

Me against myself and I realise that sometimes I’m to blame,

Blame someone else to excuse myself, play myself just like a game,

Not the first time that I’ve done this so I’ve played myself again

And every time I play myself, I disrespect who I became

Or maybe who I have become, probably good to get that cleared,

Being respected, in the long run is better than being feared,

Because respect is the reason that makes the good people stay near,

While being feared is the reason that makes the good ones disappear

And those who take advantage of you, probably not meant to be there,

Not everyone who you may vibe with is your friend, sometimes they’re peers,

You won’t trust em with your children, but you’ll trust them with your beers,

They only see you when you’re smiling but will never see your tears.

Never see your deepest fears, or even how you feel within,

Never having a deep convo, always, ‘Hey how have you been?’

Never see you on your dark days, on the days where you stay in

Never scratch beneath the surface, never go beneath the skin.

© 2020| BINNZYtheWRITER |

16 thoughts on “Within The Outside

Add yours

    1. Thanks so much and thanks for showing love. Really look forward to seeing more of your work. We have completely different styles but i feel there so much i can learn from how you paint your picture. Ill be definitely keeping an eye out

      1. that means so much! i agree with our styles and it’s very cool to see your side of writing! can’t wait to see more

    1. Love bro. Yeah I hear that. Usually use music to help inspire some form of rhythm. Bit of a hybrid between the two. Started all this by sitting in a studio session actually. Means a lot though brother. Glad youre feeling it

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