Smiling Through The Tiers

What the hell is tier two?
I don’t know, but do you?
I don’t know what I can,
And what I can’t even do.

I’m confused, only me?
Surely not, it can’t be,
What’s the difference between
This tier two and tier three?

Tell us Boris, come on son!
Differences, there must be some?
Will places be open?
Can we go have some fun?

If the town’s in tier one?
What does tier one mean?
Can your fam now be seen,
A new rule of of 13?

What new rules can they make?
What new laws will we break?
What new stuff can we bake,

Got more tiers than a cake?

Can I go out and when?
Are pubs closing at 10?
Rush hour two starts from then?
So we’ll be locked down again?

Do we get a reprieve?
Can I shop Christmas Eve?

Does Covid stop, does it leave?
For the festivities?

Is there tier two and a half?
Will I still need a mask?
All this talk about bubbles
But no mention of baths

I’m just having a laugh
If I don’t I will cry
Lockdown two is over,

Now for three, four and five

© 2020| BINNZYtheWRITER |

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