Happy New Tier

Don’t know if I’m going or coming, or if I’m coming or going,

MP’s are constantly showing that they’re still so far from knowing,

Best way to control this whole thing, shown by their constant yoyo-ing

Yet all their paychecks still flowing, same time your business is closing

It’s yet another brand new day, where I repeat myself again,

Nation’s morale still down the drain, due to another brand new claim

And all this talk of a new strain is just bringing us all new pain,

Blaming us people with no shame yet incompetence is to blame

Who am I to be saying this, this shit ain’t my forte

Months on from key worker clapping, no move on giving more pay

Can’t win this game that they’re playing, still can’t win if we don’t play

British because I’m born here, Brit-ish because I’m ashamed

Year full of mongering fear, which is abundantly clear

Fearful and full of wonder, this wonderful time of year

Not usually this much a Scrooge, but festive spirit’s not here

Wish you the Merriest Christmas and a Happy New Tier

Β© 2020| BINNZYtheWRITER |

Well, they sprung up a whole new tier on us over Christmas and seemingly made it up on the spot. Tier four on eight hours notice, five days before Christmas. There’s so much more I want to say but this is just the perfect way to cap off this shit show of a year. We are being messed about so badly.

Only wrote New Year’s Tiers last week thinking that would be the end of it. Should have been, but nope.

Ahh well. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all.

Also, nicked the title from the very talented and witty @mlgmfilming

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