With A Shadow Of A Doubt

When I miss an opportunity it screws with me, Going back to who I used to be, 'specially when it ain't new to me, then to repeat, The same mistakes I've made previously. My lunatic level lunacy continues to be, Something I can't shake off easily. Though I do know what to do with me... Continue Reading →

Update Of The State Of The Nation

The glass is now half full, the hunger's back it's like I'm fasting, Trying to find some answers to questions that we're all asking, Corona's still a mystery, it's not just us they're masking, And still your life don't matter to some if you're wearing dark skin We're gonna get locked down again, feels like... Continue Reading →

Intuition In Tuition

When the unknown rears it's mystery, it's a fight or flight situation, Instinct tells me to turn away and leave, comfort zone is my next location, On the other hand I could try it and see, good or bad it's an education Intuition is the clearest sign to read, but anxiety exudes persuasion Can I... Continue Reading →

Smiling Through The Tiers

What the hell is tier two? I don't know, but do you? I don't know what I can, And what I can't even do. I'm confused, only me? Surely not, it can't be, What's the difference between This tier two and tier three? Tell us Boris, come on son! Differences, there must be some? Will... Continue Reading →

Only Matters When It’s Your Problem

Photo: Windrush Square, Brixton, London Some turn a blind eye to reality, then speak without a thought, Mention racism, equality, you get the same retort, About not wanting to get politics mixed up within their sport, Forced to use this global platform to raise awareness of some sort, We wouldn't need to involve teams and... Continue Reading →

Rambling about shit

You ever sat there, after a cheeky whatever you like, and your creative juices are gushing? Me neither because drugs are bad. But yeah, back to my point, I just thought, why not just go with it and put down whatever I decide to spill out for the next however many words, or minutes or whatever... Continue Reading →

Airstrikes, shootings and bullshit

Morning all. Not a very good one in truth. I guess it was inevitable that I showed up with my views having digested everything that happened overnight. Our nation in an embarrassment. Those people who were once screaming "British and proud",  seemed to have wised up a little and more importantly, shut up. I mean,... Continue Reading →

It’s all going on at FIFA

Shockwaves have been sent across the footballing world in a story that has put FIFA in the spotlight yet again. After many calls for a change to the beautiful game, the day so many of us fans have been waiting for has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon. The way we see the... Continue Reading →

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