Versus The People

This world bleeds,Control and power supersedesOur human needs,Replaced instead by ruthless greedWe should be free,In violence discontent will breed,And those who leadTake advantage of authority We ain't blindTo these headlines aligned with crime,Ask yourself whyThey decide to side against mankind,Skip doing timeBecause social status is high,While people dieIn Colombia and Palestine And this ain't new,These... Continue Reading →

Poetry By Binnzy & Amber #1: Dualistic Being

The reflection in the mirror no wiser but older, No idea of the person you see What if the real you was the Devil on your shoulder And the Angel ain’t who you’re meant to be What if these questions lingering Were the voice of my soul Angels whispering we come from the sky, twinkling... Continue Reading →

There’s Comfort In The Chaos

Day to day life just ain't the same these days are not quite what the days were, Was only meant to be two weeks and we're still here some 12 months later, Seeking some solace in a source sought after just so we feel safer, Creating comfort through conversing over coffee with a neighbour Discussing... Continue Reading →

In the Mind’s Lie

It's important to remember that the mind's a liar, It will conspire, against you adding fuel to fire, A truth denier, something like a news supplier, Where the truths rank highly, but untruths rank higher You'll never be the version of you who you admire, Who you aspire, to be unless you aquire, The intrapersonal... Continue Reading →


No point in engaging in pointless shit on social media, With strangers using display pics to get a better read of ya, They only wanna win the war of words while disagreeing with ya, Regardless of whether they disagree or really agree with ya Nobody wants to hear you out instead want you to dance... Continue Reading →

Happy New Tier

Don't know if I'm going or coming, or if I'm coming or going, MP's are constantly showing that they're still so far from knowing, Best way to control this whole thing, shown by their constant yoyo-ing Yet all their paychecks still flowing, same time your business is closing It's yet another brand new day, where... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Tiers

Surprise surprise, it's tier three again, How many more times are we gonna get locked down then? Is it three? Even six, could be eight, maybe ten, Highest rates coming from kids, schools are closing when? Every day another business has to close the door, It feels like we've ventured down this shitty road before,... Continue Reading →

Update Of The State Of The Nation

The glass is now half full, the hunger's back it's like I'm fasting, Trying to find some answers to questions that we're all asking, Corona's still a mystery, it's not just us they're masking, And still your life don't matter to some if you're wearing dark skin We're gonna get locked down again, feels like... Continue Reading →

Smiling Through The Tiers

What the hell is tier two? I don't know, but do you? I don't know what I can, And what I can't even do. I'm confused, only me? Surely not, it can't be, What's the difference between This tier two and tier three? Tell us Boris, come on son! Differences, there must be some? Will... Continue Reading →

Only Matters When It’s Your Problem

Photo: Windrush Square, Brixton, London Some turn a blind eye to reality, then speak without a thought, Mention racism, equality, you get the same retort, About not wanting to get politics mixed up within their sport, Forced to use this global platform to raise awareness of some sort, We wouldn't need to involve teams and... Continue Reading →

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