Versus The People

This world bleeds,Control and power supersedesOur human needs,Replaced instead by ruthless greedWe should be free,In violence discontent will breed,And those who leadTake advantage of authority We ain't blindTo these headlines aligned with crime,Ask yourself whyThey decide to side against mankind,Skip doing timeBecause social status is high,While people dieIn Colombia and Palestine And this ain't new,These... Continue Reading →

Update Of The State Of The Nation

The glass is now half full, the hunger's back it's like I'm fasting, Trying to find some answers to questions that we're all asking, Corona's still a mystery, it's not just us they're masking, And still your life don't matter to some if you're wearing dark skin We're gonna get locked down again, feels like... Continue Reading →

Only Matters When It’s Your Problem

Photo: Windrush Square, Brixton, London Some turn a blind eye to reality, then speak without a thought, Mention racism, equality, you get the same retort, About not wanting to get politics mixed up within their sport, Forced to use this global platform to raise awareness of some sort, We wouldn't need to involve teams and... Continue Reading →

White Britain?

So racism in the UK, deep-rooted and systematic, It won't vanish by itself, it's reality not magic Pro-black don't mean anti-white, so there's no real need to panic Never suffered coz of skin tone, you don't know how hard we've had it Or you may just understand it, simply put, you're empathetic, If you're choosing... Continue Reading →

Rat Race

We don't stop, always going, just forgetting to live life,5 days on, 2 days off, at a job that we despise,9-5 got us drained, never rest and we're surprised,We call in, to get out of it by telling bullshit liesWe'd rather, charge our phones, instead of recharging ourselves,So we earn just enough, while our boss... Continue Reading →

Tired From Nothing

Im tired.Im tired of the pandemic.Im tired of the politics.Im tired of the misinformation.And the social media speculation.The deformation of a nation split in two because of the hate and race relations.The problems with masks and people's respiration.I'll never lose sleep over these things.So why is there sleep deprivation?Maybe it's realisation.I'm exhausted by these buzzwords... Continue Reading →

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